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Consumer Assisto invites you to the latest edition to our project “Consumer Patrika”. “Consumer Patrika” as the name suggests is a Newsletter which aims to keep its subscribers updated to latest news and brings special articles from students and lawyers from across the country. If you would like to get the Newsletter on a Bimonthly […]

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The main motive behind the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is to promote the well-being of the society by countering the helplessness of a consumer which one’s faces against the market value of upper class businessman. With the passage of time the rights of a consumer covers a larger area as before it was the duty […]

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Should Consumers be charged for carry bags or not?

As there is no such law which mandates charge for paper bags but the retailers charge for these bags, according to their own wish. So, whether these retailers are right or not is a big question. A vegetable vendor named Pappu Yadav in Lucknow said that due to Government ban on plastic bags, he and […]

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Is the Consumer Protection Act protecting the rights of consumers?

Introduction: Till the nineteenth-century consumers were used as a counterpoint of producers. This view survived in most capitalist democracies where consumers had a secondary relationship with goods and services and were forced to live with these goods and services which they didn’t create. Still, today in the dominant market economy consumers remain the same as […]

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Consumer Fraud: The Ever Present Fraud

Fraud in simple terms can be defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. In our day to day lives we come across various instances where we see people deceiving another to have some personal gain. The most common type of fraud is consumer fraud, in which consumer suffers […]

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