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About Consumer Patrika: “Consumer Patrika” as the name suggests is a Newsletter which aims to keep its subscribers updated to latest news and brings special articles from students and lawyers from across the country. The Newsletter consists of various Articles, Case Law Analysis, Interviews of eminent Jurists, Literature Bytes, Puzzles, Cartoons and many more interesting […]

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Jai Kumar Mittal v. Brilliant Tutorials

(2005) 4 CPJ 156 (NC) Introduction  Basic overview of the case  The present case was filed in 1994 and was finally decided in 2005. The complainant Jai Kumar Mittal was enrolled for the course of ‘postal support coaching’ for the civil services examination 1994 at Brilliant Tutorials. He was charged a fee of Rs […]

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Webinar on “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” 16th August 2020

About the Organizations: Consumer Assisto: ‘Consumer Assisto’ as the name suggest assisting the consumers in every possible approach. The ideology behind this project is to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone. To create awareness midst general public. This project aims […]

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Interface of Competition policy with the Consumer law

About the Webinar– The Competition law brings in various policies that end up affecting the consumers protected under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. The webinar aims to distinguish these policies and what remedies are provided to the consumers of a company from being exploited. The webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Policies that […]

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The First Issue to our Bi-Monthly Newsletter has been published and mailed to the Subscribers The Newsletter Features: Conversation with: Prof. (Dr.) Ashok R. Patil Dr. P.N. Tiwari Adv. Surabhi Chopra B. A detailed Idea on Consumer 19: Voice to the Pandemic C. Prominent Articles by students D. Case Studies and many more insights related […]

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